OMFG! Call of Duty is awesome!! went round to kriz's last night and played it for like.....AGES.....I think theyre still playing it now hehe. played soul calibre for the first time EVER on kriz's emulator...was getting better : )

clare and jim were there, rather draped over each other, and they later left for "food" and never returned.....I think they got eaten by the food. saw STAR!!!! OMFG!! hadnt seen star for like...AGES! like....since I left liverpool!!! hehe, that was kewl. keev kriz and si spent the whole of the time getting stoned, of course. I told them that the otc had recently been visited by the drug testing team and that I was lucky I didnt get tested. hanging round my mates = smoke weed passively unfortunately. completely involuntarily. I dont know wat Im going to do! :/

eventually left to go pick em up. clare wudnt go with me >: E had to go to 5th ave on my bill....and pay 6squid to get in....ffs. she was with sam, tom and tom's sister having just been to radiohead. sam's great!! hehe....tom isnt though. he was all resentful of my presence and I was like.....t'chya!!! (hehe, was such a "like...t'chya" moment!)

em came bak to mine...stayed...left this morning. to go do stuff in manc. me = waystation. she told me how wrong it felt to not be with tom and how she missed him. bless.

I feel so damn awful. :/ ah well.