Люди прошу кому не лень помогите!!!
Я читала книгу ”Джуманджи„ (на анг. ) В понидельник должна рассказывать о книге. Прошу составте пересказ на анг. прошу это важно

  • The plot of this work revolves around a magical board game called "Jumanji", which in 1869, buried in the ground by two teenagers. After 100 years, it randomly finds a boy named Alan Parrish, who with his friend Sarah Whittle, suddenly starts to play it, the game, the most fantastic way, absorbs Alan into yourself for years to come. Another 26 years later, this game show in the attic of the House's new residents: girl Judy and her brother Peter, and also, coincidentally, started playing in her release from there already an ageing Alana. Alan was abandoned for many years, the wild jungle, his parents had long since died, considering it to be missing, and his girlfriend Sarah had long been trying to forget about the mysterious disappearance of Alan, recalling its overly rich children's imagination. And, Lo, our hero along with his new young friends to finally finish this long and terrible they started the game, go through many obstacles, getting into the most incredible adventures and regain his true life.
  • я не ду, потому и не бу

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