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Use the words from Ex 41 to join the ideas in the sentences.And translate them.1 His car very fast. It is very expensiv
And translate them.
1 His car very fast. It is very expensive.
2 We were tared. We had been travelling for a week.
3 The weather was awful. It was pouring with rain . It was cold.
4 We left home early . We arrived late.
5 I was late for school . The traffic was really bad .
6 I never get a taxi. It's too expensive .
7 The weather was bad .We still went out for a walk.
8 They have a car . They rarely use it.
besides,although,in addition (to),because, also, however,despite, as well as,since, as,but, and, what is more, in spite of,due to, too, whereas, in the other hand.

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