Помогите описать Чихуа-хуа на английском языке

  • The ancestor of the Chihuahua is an ancient dog allegedly techichi, the first mention of which belong to 1500 BC. e. Dog is a mark of the three ancient civilizations: the Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs, whose tiny dog was revered as sacred. There were two subspecies of dogs differ in the coat: with extended and short hair type. First techichi had dogs with long hair. Techichi with short hair appeared around 1500 BC. e. by crossing the Chinese crested dog, whose members lived on the Spanish ships as hunters of rats. Preserved information relating to the end of 1700, that a few individuals were found in techichi homes of peasants, who were close to the remains of the ancient palace of King Montezuma, the ruler (tlatoani) Aztec (Mexica). Later were found in Mexico and other individuals. Found dogs have in common with the Chihuahua XXI century.

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