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Caltech has a strong tradition in biology dating back to the beginnings of the Institute and Thomas Hunt Morgan. See BBE History. Today, undergraduates interested in biology at Caltech have additional options to a broad biology major which include focused studies in bioengineering and computation and neural systems. As biology plays a larger role in the integrated sciences, the division also offers an undergraduate minor. In addition to the information below, please see the Course Matrix which further expands possible courses of study within biology. The Biology major at Caltech builds a strong foundation of molecular genetics, cell biology, systems biology, and biochemistry, then uses this foundation to explain the complex processes conferring properties of living systems. The BI program at Caltech reveals how these mechanisms govern embryonic and stem cell development, how viruses replicate, how the immune response counters pathogens, the nature and interactions of nerve activity, principles of brain function, and behavior.

Biology Majors

You even have opportunities to do undergraduate research and internships in the field. Our multi-million dollar renovation to our math and science buildings provides the perfect environment you need to succeed. This prestigious program provides significant financial support and resources for academically talented young women who are interested in biology, chemistry or mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. Pre-Physician Assistant Status. Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

The biology major is designed for students with an interest in aspects of the live sciences, The following list reflects course offerings at the date of publication.

In order to declare a B. Prospective B. Incoming 3rd year transfer students may declare the B. Incoming 3rd year transfer students may initially only declare the B. This is an overall GPA requirement for the 3 core courses, not an individual course grade requirement. Students must also have attained a 2. Students who originally declared a B.

Please follow these steps to complete the Biology B. Since all prospective Biology majors must first declare the B. Complete the fillable Biology B. Major Declaration. You should indicate a tentative plan consisting of a minimum of 22 credit hours of level or level courses that you will use to complete the BA degree requirements. The B.

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BIOLOGY MAJOR. (BS PROGRAM). Catalog. Declaration of Major. ID​: Date: Department Chair Approval: Date: January. August. May. Intended.

Kerry Cheesman e-mail: kcheesma capital. A survey of biology departments in led to publication of a de facto curriculum for the training of undergraduate biology majors. Knowledge of the biological sciences has changed considerably since then, and the present study attempts to find out whether or not undergraduate requirements have changed as a result. In fact, little has changed, although the molecular areas of biology are more likely to be required now than they were in In the absence of a national accrediting body for biology, questions remain about whether there needs to be a standardized curriculum and, if so, what it should contain.

This study includes a look at what courses are offered by undergraduate departments, what courses are required for a biology degree, and what content is covered in the introductory course sequence. Suggestions for an updated curriculum are also provided. The biological sciences cover a vast array of disciplines , from molecular biology and biochemistry to ecosystems and environmental biology.

In the past 25 years alone, knowledge in the biological arena has mushroomed, particularly in the areas of molecular biology and biotechnology. Against this backdrop of expanding knowledge comes the increasingly difficult task of training future biologists.

5 Things You Need to be a Successful Biology Major

As a Biology student you’ll gain a broad knowledge in biology, chemistry and communications. Develop your skills in our state of the art laboratories and world-class facilities, including a histology laboratory, gel documentation facility, seed store, instrument rooms, fungal pathology laboratory and more. Here you will rub shoulders with researchers who are at the forefront of biological research ranging from genetic mapping in plants to human vaccine development.

Sciences and Engineering Biology.

The University of Utah School of Biological Sciences Teacher Resources. February 21, Application due date, must be EMAILED to Shannon Nielsen​.

Students describe their research and conclusions at the end of each semester. The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University encompasses a variety of disciplines that involve the study of living matter in all of its wonderfully diverse forms. The department strives to provide an environment that fosters excitement and curiosity about the life sciences.

Our programs prepare students to function as productive members of the academic, as well as private and public, scientific communities. The biological sciences programs provide you with effective and up-to-date knowledge and training in various areas of the life sciences, including medical aspects of human biology. Printable Fact Sheet for Biological Sciences. Student Success Services in the College of Arts and Sciences provides academic support programs and connects you to resources you may need to achieve your academic and personal goals.

Our biological sciences graduate programs reflect the broad spectrum of these disciplines, giving you the opportunity to receive advanced training in specialties ranging from cellular and molecular biology to ecology and evolution. The diversity of our graduate faculty permits you to tailor a program that meets your individual needs and career goals. The department also works closely with local industry and local hospitals to provide graduates with specific training that will help them attain their career goals.

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The biology major offers students the opportunity to study the biological basis of life from a wide range of perspectives, from ecosystems to organisms to cells and molecules. A critical component of our curriculum is active, inquiry-based learning, including classroom and laboratory experiences that provide not only in-depth exposure to core concepts in biology but also development of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, and scientific writing. We offer a rigorous scientific curriculum grounded in the liberal arts tradition of making connections with many areas both within and outside of the sciences, as students learn to apply their knowledge to real-world problems.

Please view the college catalog for a full and up-to-date list of requirements and courses for this program. In addition to the biology major, there are several related majors and minors in related areas, including Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Environmental Studies and Sustainability , Neuroscience and Public Health. Drew also offers many special programs linking work at Drew with advanced schooling, such as:. Please note that there are specific requirements for admission to these programs and those considering cooperative programs should work closely with their advisers since early planning is important.

The Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti RISE at Drew University will offer you unique opportunities to engage in undergraduate research under the supervision of retired industrial scientists. Experiential learning at its finest, RISE projects cover topic areas, including drug discovery, industrial microbiology, mathematics and more.

Graduation with Distinction

Health, Veterinary and Plant Sciences Evolution, Ecology and Environment Neuroscience and Biological Psychology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Consult the department for advice on following one of these paths or see the large poster on the departmental website and bulletin board. Graduates can pursue careers in the animal and human health professions, environmental sciences, resource and wildlife management, journalism, public relations, library science, biotechnology, epidemiology and public health, education, public service, conservation and research.

Students interested in research can satisfy their curiosity and learn about scientific culture and communication by becoming involved in faculty research.

Checklist for Biology Major. Name: Advisor: Degree: ______. Matriculating Class: Date: A1. Core Courses (BA+BS). BIOL 14a. BIOL 15b. BIOL 16a. BIOL 18a.

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