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Innovation Intermediaries is a concept in innovation studies to help understand the role of firms, agencies and individuals that facilitate innovation by providing the bridging, brokering, knowledge transfer necessary to bring together the range of different organisations and knowledge needed to create successful innovation. The term open innovation intermediaries was used for this concept by Henry Chesbrough in his book as “companies that help other companies implement various facets of open innovation “. Innovation intermediaries are variously described as ‘bridgers’, ‘ change agents’, ‘brokers’. The same applies to potential users of innovations, so that intermediaries are needed to bring organisations and knowledge together to build supply networks and markets. For instance technology intermediaries are created to help firms to take advantage of their technological developments. There are three main areas of focus: [1] business model innovation; management of intellectual property; innovation of services. Intermediaries have also been defined as a system of complementary organizational categories that shape, pilot and ensure systemic integration, by reducing the complexity of transactions, enabling institutional change and promoting crucial learning dynamics among system components, organizations and entrepreneurs; across political, economic and social innovation-relevant levels.


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NWO launches a new research programme on the innovation of supervision, initiated by the associations of Dutch government inspectorates.

NWO launches a new research programme on the innovation of supervision, initiated by the associations of Dutch government inspectorates and market regulators, and part of the Dutch Research Agenda NWA. A matchmaking meeting will take place on 24 March for all interested researchers and professionals in the field of regulation and enforcement.

This NWA research programme on innovation of supervision focuses on fundamental and cross-domain questions about the future of regulation and enforcement: questions that are inherent to the profession of supervision in a changing society. The call for proposals will be published at the beginning of February and focuses on research themes that are based on the Wetenschapsagenda toezicht Themes are clustered in:.

Researchers and professionals in the field of supervision and enforcement are challenged to come up with stimulating research proposals related to one or more of these themes. The programme has more than four million euros available for three interdisciplinary and knowledge chain-wide consortia and an overarching project. Both researchers and professionals in the field of supervision and enforcement are encouraged to jointly form consortia and submit a proposal.

An important moment in this process is a matchmaking meeting on 24 March, during the Toezichtsfestival. During this meeting there is opportunity for researchers and professionals to get to know each other and to explore the possibilities for forming consortia. More information about the program, the call for proposals and the program of the matchmaking meeting will be announced soon through the usual channels of NWO. In case you would like to be informed about the Matchmaking meeting, please send an email to nwa-toezicht nwo.

The Dutch Research Agenda NWA describes broad, challenging subjects that require a national approach and with which Dutch research can strengthen society and the knowledge economy. The NWA was established through an innovative process that involved the input of citizens and scientists.

Business Basics Fund – Matchmaking process

Join our community and connect with the other regional actors exchanging on interregional cooperation. When you register, you will have access to additional services including the platform helpdesk and the possibility to contact your peers in the platform community. For this reason, Interreg Europe is aiming to support sustainable growth that is increasingly related to the capacity of regional economies to innovate, transform and adapt to challenges. Smart growth relies on high quality research and innovation stemming from advanced, modern infrastructure, adequate skills, capacities and entrepreneurial drive.

Support for early product validation and pilot lines, as well as of advanced manufacturing capabilities, is also needed.

Innovation Matchmaking. Bring together all your innovation partners, suppliers and customers on one platform to help facilitate exchanges and transactions.

EIT Climate-KIC has now developed a matchmaking service to help cities and real estate owners find the right climate solutions. Read more about our approach. However, many city professionals are also aware that the average, business-as-usual solutions and approaches are not up to this task. To meet their sustainability goals, cities need scalable deep retrofit solutions. EIT Climate-KIC is an innovation engine bringing climate and sustainable innovation to market while primarily focusing on the systems of and the systemic approaches to innovation.

Key to our systemic approach is our partner strong network, comprising a diverse set of first-rate knowledge institutions, leading corporations, SMEs and ambitious actors from the public sector. We bring this community together to create a strong supply of new ideas, from which cities and other players on the demand side can benefit.

Pre-announcement and matchmaking NWA-call on innovation of supervision

We showcase the best commercially-available academic research from leading universities around the world and curate them in an easy-to-use online platform. We use matching algorithms but provide personalised alerts, meaning our community engagement team manage each of the connections made through our platform to ensure that they are relevant, meaningful and productive.

Once we introduce a company to the relevant person in the technology transfer team, the outcomes are discussed exclusively between the company and university. For companies, using IN-PART means that your organisation gets free access to the latest commercially available research from world-leading universities. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our platform.

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G-STIC – Matchmaking Event + Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conference. Wednesday, 20 November, to Friday, 22 November​,

This thought piece is the follow up to Picking the right Innovation Races that looked at Horizon Scanning and the growing list of digital platforms that are becoming popular and capable to assist when developing your innovation challenges. There are now thousands of dating apps. There are apps that reduce the cringe factor by allowing friends to find people for you — you remain oblivious until the date is in the offing.

There are apps that encourage. First Name. Last Name.

Helsinki – Open Innovation Matchmaking

Those five research institution cover the whole spectrum of academic research in the Amsterdam area. For research to create a societal and economic impact, it is important to facilitate and stimulate interaction between academic researchers and the industry. Furthermore, researchers must be enabled to drive the transition from scientific discoveries to innovation on the market.

Since research institutions work on many different fields and often not close to the market, combining the efforts among several research institutions might help to get a new view on research and its applications. The Innovation Exchange Amsterdam is the combined technology transfer office for five universities and research institutes from Amsterdam which aims to bring together academic institutions with parties interested in their research findings and knowledge. For that purpose, it assists researchers in generating societal and economic impact from their work and help external parties to find relevant research.

Startup Europe is matchmaking startups and investors at Slush, one of the world’s leading startup events in Helsinki, Finland. Startup Europe.

Tuomas Lehtinen from Business Finland and Anders Holmgren from Vinnova presented the formal requirements and highlighted the important points to pay attention to. In addition to the technology aspects, applicants were guided to consider also the maturity of the market and sustainability. During the afternoon pitches of project ideas or other offerings were presented and opened up to the audience what all is going on in the field of bioeconomy at the moment.

There were pitches from companies, start-ups and research organisations. Many cooperation possibilities were offered for co-developers, end-users or other stakeholders. After the pitches there was time for free networking. The event was a success, resulting in intensive discussions and good matches between people. Swedish participants were extremely interested in finding partners from Finland and vice versa. We hope that these contacts will realize in the first stage as project partnerships in the call, but also as longer time cooperation between Finland and Sweden.

Projects, that create conditions for increased quantities of biobased products on the market are supported via the call. Application to Business Finland — For joint actions of companies and research organizations by Tuomas Lehtinen mp4 file.

Innovation intermediary

The aim is to support the transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market , thereby reinforcing the links between the development of solutions by companies, start-ups, and researchers — the supply side, and bridge a gap with the expectations and needs of care providers, policy-makers, insurers and other potential buyers of these products and services — the demand side.

It targets healthcare providers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies looking for a concrete AHA digital solution and who are ready to implement it in their organisation. I2M Partners will:. The aim of this matchmaking is accelerating commercialisation. The benefits to participate for healthcare organisations are:.

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The Matchmaker program is a new online platform developed by the Response Innovation Lab that seeks to connect humanitarian problem holders with tested solutions. Whether in the public or private sector, our program is open to any organization that is interested in using new solutions to solve humanitarian challenges.

Users of the service can be humanitarian organizations, government ministries, private sector, CBOs, social enterprises or any organization that is interested to use new solutions to solve humanitarian challenges. The Matchmaker has been piloted in the five RIL country labs since the beginning of and the organization now needs to further build this service and its products.

Learn about Support. For those looking to solve humanitarian challenges in new and innovative ways, the Matchmaker can help! After you submit an application, we conduct research to find the best potential solution for you and when possible, connect you to the identified solution providers. Please read our terms of agreement. Our volunteer subject matter experts from around the globe our essential to the Matchmaker model.

We often seek advice from those who are experienced in humanitarian sectors in order to help us identify tested solutions and validate ongoing innovations. Each innovation submission is collected into our vast database of Global Innovations.

SAMENVATTING WHC – SDVB Its the Innovation Bridge Technology Showcase and Matchmaking and we are now joined by Paseka Lesolang who has invented WHC –